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DeoxIT is an advanced formula that contains deoxidizers, preservatives, conductivity enhancers, arcing and RFI inhibi tors and anti-tarnishing compounds that significantly increase the performance and reliability of electrical components and equipment. DeoxIT D5, Spray: Provides light 5% coating. Flammable (until solvent evaporates). No ozone-depleting CFCs.
  • DeoxIT improves conductivity, reduces intermittent connections
  • DeoxIT reduces wear, and abrasion, cleans and preserves
  • DeoxIT deoxidizes
  • DeoxIT has an extended temperature range, -34 C to 200 C
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Pro Gold is a Conditioner, Preservative, and Lubricant
  • Pro Gold maintains optimum signal quality
  • Pro Gold forms protective anti-tarnishing layer
  • Pro Gold protects base metals from oxidation
  • Pro Gold improves conductivity, reduces wear, and abrasion
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PreservIT Seals, Lubricates, and Protects

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